Former Board Member & Now Political Operative Maria Pereira Calling The Shots At The Bridgeport Board of Education?

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Even though she chose not to seek re-election, Working Families Party Chairwoman and former board member Maria Pereira appears to be calling the shots at Bridgeport Board of Education meetings.

In this recorded moment, at last night’s Community Engagement Committee Meeting, politician turned union operative Pereira seems to be giving political advice to sitting BOE member John Bagley right in the middle of a board meeting.

A special shout-out to Pereira for having the chutzpah to pull the marionette strings while everybody’s watching. Usually the puppeteer stays hidden during the show.

While it is not illegal, it seems unethical for a party operative to tell an elected official what to do during a meeting.

Who is in charge at the Bridgeport Board of Education?